aaaaaaaand that's what jesus looks like

jack's cousin, wyatt, came with me to pick up jack from school today. i love listening to their conversations. i was trying my hardest not to laugh. here are a couple of my favorites...

wyatt: what does jesus look like?

jack: well, he wears a long white shirt all the days. even he has long hair like my mommy. he even has hair on his face. he has soft skin like us too. *then he shrugs and says* but, you don't have to worry about it, you'll see him when you're dead.

there ya have it.

*next one*

jack: when i grow up i'm going to be a police cop!

wyatt: when i grow up i'm going to be a cowboy!

jack: wyatt! when a bad guy comes to your farm, call me and i will come cuff him.

wyatt: um jack, what will your number be?

jack: 911


jack is hilarious.

he can almost always make me laugh...even when i shouldn't think he's being funny.

i have to put them on here so i don't forget.


jack was telling me how he would hold little sister so i could get some rest. he said he would hold her while he was watching tv and even feed her. then he grabbed his chest and in all seriousness said, "i won't give her my pits though!!! i will give her baby food!"


(conversation after prayers)

jack: mom, do you think jesus has a dog?

me: oh yeah, for sure he has a dog.

jack: i bet his dog has a collar with spikes on it cause jesus is cool.

me: hmmm, i bet you're right.


does this not make your heart melt?

jack loves his nate.

special delivery

jackers wanted me to send him back to nana


St Patty's Day

we had a sneaky leprechaun visit our house. he flipped over our chairs and left us a stack of rainbow pancakes. jack said he had no idea how strong leprechauns are...they could actually flip over chairs.



it snowed!!
jack had his friend sawyer over to play (jack calls him soyjer). within 5 minutes of being in the house they had e.v.e.r.y toy out that jack has in his room. so, i had them pick it all up and we went outside. we were out there for almost 2.5 hours. with the wind it said it was 3 degrees. they didn't care. they loved it. nate came home and pulled them behind the rhino for a while. we stopped for a break and i asked them if they were cold...they both were like "no!! go faster!!" of course they both had frozen snot all over their faces.
unfortunately, nate set the bar with the sledding bit so now they are going to expect that every time. a few days later i dropped off jack at school and sawyer comes up to me and says in an exhausted tone, "oh, jacks mommy, it's been a bad day...i need to go to jacks house." bad day? it was 8 o'clock in the morning. they both crack me up.


i asked jack to put on his snow boots. he said, "no, i'm going to wear my business shoes today." yeah, his "business shoes" were his black hi-tops.


merry christmas

so...these pictures are in the wrong order. but, whatever. you'll get the idea.

we had a fun christmas. it was the first christmas for all of us to have a family of our own. nate and i thought jack would be up at 4 wanting to open presents. he impressed us by not coming in until 6 o'clock. i loved hearing his little voice say, "mommy! nate! santa came!!"

jack is a little photographer. he loves taking pictures. i found a vtech camera that looked pretty neat but jack was like no way! he wanted a "real" camera. he picked out a red one that he thinks is pretty cool.

nate and jack figuring out the camera. jack keeps the camera in the car with us just in case he sees something "cool."

of course nate and i needed help opening our presents. jack was so nice and helped out.

jack is a funny kid. he has always been in to wrapping things up and pretending its his birthday or just giving himself a surprise. he decided to put some of his old toys in a box and wrap them up. he put it under the tree and actually left it there until christmas morning.

jacks dance

he does it when he's happy.

i loved this present. jack is really into drawing pictures of our family. after jack and nate wrapped my presents jack drew our family on the back of one of the boxes. it was my most favorite thing. i love that little boy.

scoping out the goods. notice the medals on the tree? (bottom right) well, it wouldn't be a christmas tree if jack didn't add his own decorations.

oh and his "night cap." that's what he calls it and it just makes me smile. there were a couple times he wouldn't go to bed unless he had it on. i had to sneak back in there and take it off because he sweats so bad.

oh my goodness, this is my most favorite christmas moment. nate put beef jerky in our stockings. jack grabbed it and excitedly shouted, "bacon!!! i got bacon, mommy!!!

the calm before the storm


jacks first christmas program

jack had his first christmas program at school. he was a king and even had a solo. his teacher said that she didn't intend on anyone having a solo but jack kept correcting her on the song...so she finally just asked him if he would like to have a solo and do it on his own. he was so proud.

notice the gap? yeah, that would be jackers hiding from me.
stink pot

jacks solo:
the chubby little snowman had a carrot nose
a long came a bunny and what do you suppose
the hungry little bunny, looking for his lunch
at the snowmans carrot nose
nibble nibble crunch!!


i know i know...

i'm so behind. hopefully, these pictures will
buy me some more time.

*jack made me stop the car right by our house so he could sing to the cows*

*i found jack going through a cabela's catalog while we were at my mom's. i asked him what he was doing...he said he was picking out what he wanted for christmas. considering this is jack that we're talking about....it's just weird.*

*the other night jack said he had a dream that humans had tails. he was a little concerned about it.*

*this is jack trying to tell me he couldn't go to church because he's had such a rough week."

*hmmmm, well he was just really bored on the crazy long drive home from nana's house.*

i'm going to try really hard to stay on top of blogging.

well, it comes as no surprise that jack is obsessed with my mom. but, its going to levels that even i think are ridiculous.

little boy: mom mom, whose tummy were you in when you were a baby?
me: nana's. cause she's my mom.
little boy: well whose tummy was i in when i was a baby?
me: mine. because I AM YOUR MOMMY!
little boy: (gasp!) i'm going to tell people that i was in nana's tummy because i love her.
me: okay. i think you're weird.

then last night i asked him to say the prayer at dinner. i reminded him to bless the food because otherwise he would just pray about nana.

heavenly father, thank you for this day.
thank you for nana and jack.
thank you for papa and reissy.
i want to live with nana so so bad.
thank you for our house.
thank you for our car.
thank you for nate's job.
i miss nana so much.
in the name of jesus christ, amen.
uh, jack, you forgot to bless the food...and mommy and nate. sheesh!!
bless the food.
bless mommy and nate.
i want to live with nana forever and ever. i want to. me, jack.
(i like how he said, "me, jack" like just in case jesus didn't know who was talking to him. i'm sure he just didn't want ther to be any confusion. i mean, can you imagine if reiss ended up living with nana?)